Commission Overview and New Yorkers Volunteer Overview

The New York State Commission on National and Community Service was established in 1994 by an Executive Order of the Governor, and administers programs funded by the National Community Service Trust Act of 1993, including AmeriCorps State and AmeriCorps Education Awards programs. The Commission members are diverse and bi-partisan and are appointed by the Governor.

The Commission seeks to improve lives, strengthen communities, and foster civic engagement through service and volunteering in New York State. Commission members each have a strong background in community service and leadership and provide a tremendous resource to the state service and volunteer communities. The role of each Commission member includes: monitoring and approving the annual grants process and recommendations for funding of National Service programs. The Commission also promotes volunteering and community service as proven methods to solve local problems in our communities.

In 2008, New Yorkers Volunteer website was launched as a statewide initiative to engagemore New Yorkers in volunteering and community service. It provides information and training opportunities for local volunteer organizations. It provides a marketing and media campaign to promote volunteering. And, it educates New Yorkers about state and federal funding opportunities for national service and volunteer programs.

Office of National and Community Service Overview

The Commission is supported by the New York State Office of National and Community Service (ONCS) which receives annual federal funding in excess of $25 million from the Corporation for National and Community Service (Corporation) headquartered in Washington, D.C. The Commission makes competitive grants to faith-based organizations, local government and educational institutions by providing outcome-based service to address community-identified needs.

ONCS also serves as the lead state entity responsible for networking volunteer resources and carrying out civic engagement initiatives as identified by the Governor and the Commission. ONCS collaborates with local, state and national volunteer agencies, government, and other public and private entities, sector to achieve its mission.


Commission Information