New York State Volunteer Generation Fund 2016

New York is a state of contrasts. It is home to one of the largest cities in the world, nearly seven million acres of farmland and the largest state park in the country. While much of New York State's (NYS) strength lies in its diversity, the gap between rich and poor is a concern. NYS has one of the highest ratios of income inequality in the nation, and it is difficult for many New Yorkers to access opportunities to succeed.

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo has taken significant steps toward promoting equal opportunities for all residents. Since taking office in 2011, the Governor has led efforts to increase the minimum wage, reduce hunger, and make housing more affordable. The NYS Commission on National and Community Service (NY Commission) believes volunteers can play an important role in promoting equal opportunities for all New Yorkers.

The NY Commission is proud to continue the spirit of volunteerism that started with a Volunteer Generation Fund (VGF) grant from the Corporation on National and Community Service in 2010. During that grant’s six year lifespan, the NY Commission exceeded the goal of recruiting over one million volunteers statewide. The Volunteer Generation Fund is an instrumental piece of the Governor’s 2016 Anti-Poverty agenda.

New York State is building on that success to address an urgent issue in our state: promoting equal opportunity. The 2016 VGF program is designed to answer the question: "How can volunteers increase opportunities for all New Yorkers?"

The NY Commission is working with eight non-profit organizations, located throughout New York State that will involve volunteers in efforts to alleviate poverty and increase opportunity for New Yorkers. The Commission’s sub-grantees, acting as connector organizations, are committed to recruiting, training, placing and/or managing volunteers within their organizations and within partner nonprofit organizations in their communities.

The 8 Volunteer Generation Fund Grantee Organizations are as follows:

Sub-grantee organizations identified an issue area of focus, under the macro goal of alleviating poverty, and have articulated how the volunteers they recruit, train and manage will make a demonstrable impact in their communities.

Volunteer Management Resources and Training Opportunities

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