Serve in AmeriCorps
AmeriCorps New York
Throughout the Empire State, AmeriCorps members serve and improve their communities. Serving with national, state, and local organizations, AmeriCorps members in New York tutor and mentor students and peers, make schools and neighborhoods safer, provide housing assistance and legal services, restore parks and trails, assist seniors, coordinate health care, combat the opioid abuse epidemic and the COVID-19 pandemic, respond to natural disasters, support veterans and military families, and much more.
AmeriCorps New York Program Directory
A full listing of AmeriCorps New York programs including contact information.
Strengthening the public health workforce
Public Health AmeriCorps
The COVID-19 pandemic made clear the importance of public health infrastructure and service to others.

In response, the Commission, AmeriCorps, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have partnered to launch Public Health AmeriCorps!